The stated fare for each tour includes all coach, bus and air fares (where stated), accommodation, national park entry fees, most meals and some side excursions – such as boat trips, museum entry fees – as nominated in the tour itinerary.

All prices are based on twin-share accommodation. Single supplements are available on most tours. Prices are quoted in Australian dollars and include GST (Goods and Services Tax).

Discounted fares:

  • Seniors, Pensioners or Concession cardholders are entitled to a discount for most tours. Card numbers must be given when booking.
  • A group of 10 or more people booking the same tour is eligible for a discount of 10%.

Bookings can be made by completing and delivering the booking form or by contacting us by phone, email or personally.

A deposit of $500.00 per person is required when booking. The full fare is payable two months prior to departure. Bookings within two months of departure require full fare.

We accept payments via cash, bank cheque, personal cheque, money orders, direct debit and credit card (Credit card payments attract 1.5% fee)

If a passenger wishes to cancel their booking for any tour other than one day tours, the fare will only be refunded accordingly:

  • 28 days or more prior to the designated departure date – 100%
  • 27 – 10 days prior to the designated departure date – 90%
  • 9 to 1 days prior to the designated departure date – 70%
  • Day of departure or during the tour – 0%

Tours with flight component

  • 28 days or more prior to the designated departure – 100% – Less monies held by airline for cancellation of air ticket.
  • 27 – 16 days prior to the designated departure – 90% – Less monies held by airline for cancellation of air ticket.
  • 15 to 6  days prior to the designated departure date – 80% – Less monies held by airline for cancellation of air ticket.
  • 5 to 1 days prior to the designated departure date – 0%
  • Day of departure or during the tour – 0%

Passengers wishing to cancel bookings for a one day tour will only receive a refund if the cancellation occurs 2 days prior to the designated departure date. See Conditions of Acceptance at the end of this section.

We advise you to obtain travel insurance to cover cancellation and illness or loss of luggage whilst on tour. Consult your travel agent, your medical insurance company, or other insurer for an appropriate travel insurance policy.

We have no age limits for our tours. We do, however, trust your good sense and suggest that you check with your doctor if you are elderly or have recently had a serious illness. Some of our tours go to very remote locations and, although we take a satellite phone and emergency services are not far away, it is better to be ‘safe than sorry’. You may be more vulnerable to seasonal infections, like colds and flu, because of the variety of temperatures encountered on the tours and the fact that you travel in close confinement with other people.
If you take medication, please ensure you have enough for the entire tour.

Our coaches and buses and 4x4s are fully air-conditioned, some have reclining seats, curtains, footrests, entertainment and water at all times, some coaches have on board toilets.

Some buses have limited space for hand luggage although the trailer can take a reasonable amount of luggage. (See What to Take.)

Liquids such as water or soft drinks may be taken on the bus as long as they are in screw-topped or other lidded containers (to prevent spillage). Messy foods cannot be consumed on the bus.

Smoking is not permitted in any coach or bus as well as rooms for accommodation or tents. Regular stops along the route for morning tea, toilet breaks, etc will provide an opportunity to smoke.

All tours depart from and return to the Summers Street (Near Westrail Centre Interstate Rail Terminal)  East Perth. Passengers may also depart from, Joondalup Arena and Rockingham Visitors Centre

The dress code on all tours is strictly casual but varies between tours depending on the climate. Travel in winter, south of the Tropic of Capricorn, can get very chilly at night and variable during the day. Warm clothing is strongly recommended for nights, with several layers of clothes during the day. The climate north of the Tropic of Capricorn is tropical and can be very hot. Light loose clothing of natural fibres (cotton, linen) is recommended. The temperatures in summer inland and south of the Tropic of Capricorn can be very hot so suitable cool and comfortable clothing is required. Strong comfortable walking shoes are essential. You might like to pack a tracksuit and bathers (swimsuit) as well as a pair of thongs. Luggage should be kept to a minimum with just one medium-size suitcase recommended.

We provide tasty and nutritious meals to satisfy the hungriest of passengers. An example of one day’s meals on the track is as follows:

  • Breakfast: A selection of cereals, toast, fruit, fruit juice, tea or coffee. (On some motel tours, a cooked breakfast may be provided)
  • Morning tea: Biscuits or cake, tea or coffee
  • Lunch: Cold meats, crisp fresh salads, fresh bread with various spreads, cake, tea or coffee. (When provided)
  • Evening meal: Soup, barbeque or stir-fry or casserole-type dish, vegetables, dessert, tea, coffee or restaurant meal
  • Pre-dinner drinks and other refreshments: One of the most pleasant times of the tour. After a day’s travel and after we have settled in, is when we enjoy a drink and chat with fellow passengers. If you require special meals or are allergic to a type of food, please inform us at time of booking.

Motels are of a high standard – 3* or better. Generally, evening meals and cooked breakfasts are provided when we stay in motels. Sometimes it may be necessary to use two different motels.

Cabin accommodation can be varied, ranging from a single room with an en-suite, two or three bedroom houses with a shared toilet, bathroom and living area.

Safari tents are mostly a permanent fixture and  en-suited, some remote locations are not and will have shared ablutions.

Our policy is to allocate couples a twin room. Singles may have to multiple share depending on the number of beds in each room. If a room has a bunk bed the upper bunk is not allocated. However, there are some nights when we are unable to fully adhere to this policy. Linen is generally supplied unless advised otherwise. Any special accommodation details will be mentioned in the itinerary for each tour.

1. All Tickets and Vouchers are issued and all travel and accommodation arrangements are made but the Firm upon express condition that it shall not be liable for any injury, damage, loss, delay or inconvenience either by reason of any defect in any vehicle or building or through the acts or defaults whether negligent or otherwise, of the Firm or its servants or any company, firm or person engaged in providing transport, refreshment, accommodation or other facility or services in connection with the Tour, nor shall the Firm be liable for any damage, losses or sickness, quarantine, weather, war, strikes, riots or any other cause whatsoever.

1.a. Notwithstanding the provisions of condition 1 the Firm will accept liability for personal injury, loss and damage arising under the Motor Vehicle (Third Party Insurance) Act 1943-1975 in respect of which the Firm is adequately covered by Insurance but not otherwise.

2. The Firm shall not be deemed to be the agent of the passenger.

3. The Firm reserves the right without previous notice to the passenger to cancel or withdraw any tour and in such event the full sum paid by the passenger shall be returned to him/her and upon tendering the same all liability of the Firm to the passenger shall cease.

4. The Firm, in its absolute discretion, reserves the right to modify any tour or holiday itinerary, route, timetable, excursion or accommodation and shall not be liable to the passenger for loss, damage, or inconvenience resulting there from.

5. All luggage, baggage, goods and personal articles are at all times and in all circumstances at the passenger’s risk.

6. The Firm, its employees or agents may at any time during a tour request a passenger to withdraw from the Tour if in the opinion of the Firm, its employee or agent the passenger is guilty of misconduct and upon the request being made the passenger shall immediately withdraw from the Tour.

7. No agent, servant or representative of the Firm has any right to alter or vary or waive any of these conditions. Nor is any such person authorised to undertake any liability whatsoever on behalf of the Firm unless such be in writing and signed by a member of the Firm.

Whilst we endeavor to maintain this website with accurate and up to date content, changes and errors may occur and therefore all details must be verified with Aussie Redback Tours at the time of booking.