Matilda’s Meanderings – Avon Valley Day Tour

Matilda’s Meanderings – Avon Valley Day Tour
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York, W.A.

As mentioned in a previous post, Matilda our mascot travels with us on all tours, whether they be extended tours or the occasional day tour from Perth.  For a bit of fun, we decided that Matilda should “report” back on our tours (via our secret third party), and here is her latest news about a day tour she was on recently.  Sit back and enjoy!

One Day Tour to the Avon Valley, WA

“Here I am again, your favourite Redback Roving Reporter  – “Matilda”, reporting on my recent day tour with Aussie Redback Tours to the Avon Valley.  My place, as always, was on the dashboard, looking out at the amazing scenery but also looking at our wonderful passengers, all seniors, who were bursting with adventure and enthusiasm.  Our day tour took us along beautiful country roads, over rolling hills, and along the famous Avon River (well-known the for annual Avon River Descent).

First stop was Toodyay for a delicious morning tea, followed by plenty of free time to explore this delightful country town. No rushing around with Aussie Redback Tours!  We were fortunate to be there when the markets were on, so we made the most of that opportunity.  (Not much for spiders but plenty for everyone else to enjoy)!  And of course, we all visited the famous Christmas Shop and came out with bags of goodies! (I dare anyone to go in there and not come out with something)!

We then made our way to Northam, learning all about it’s history and current news and events.  After that it was on to York (the oldest inland town in WA).  We had a delicious lunch by the Avon River, followed by more free time to explore this historical town, including the fascinating motor museum which is in the main street. 

Throughout the day, Sharon made sure we were well fed and looked after.  She also is a fount of knowledge and told us all sorts of information about each town and the Avon Valley area – the history, things to see and do, and interesting up-to-date information about what is going on in the towns these days.

What a beautiful day! Even though the forecast was for rain, someone was looking after us, and we had sunshine all day. A lovely day was had by all (including me)!”