Matilda’s Meanderings – Lobster Lunch and Northern Wildflowers

Matilda’s Meanderings – Lobster Lunch and Northern Wildflowers
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Matilda in the Wildflowers at Coalseam Conservation Park

Matilda our mascot travels with us on all tours.  For a bit of fun, we have decided that Matilda should “report” back on our tours (via our secret third party), starting with a couple of tours we did recently with some lovely seniors and an artist or two.  Sit back and enjoy!

One Day Trip to Noble Falls, Jurien, Cervantes and Moore River

“Here I am, your favourite Redback Roving Reporter  – “Matilda”, reporting on my first day trip with Aussie Redback Tours.   Sharon and Renata were so much fun to travel with.  I thoroughly enjoyed Sharon’s driving – she is the best driver I’ve ever seen, and although I think I could have done better because I have 8 arms (or legs if you wish), I knew my place (on the dashboard) and sat back and enjoyed the view instead.  The tour host Renata was such a pleasant person to be around, and those muffins and cookies we had for morning tea were to die for! (Oops, probably the wrong thing to say, being a redback)!   The day was perfect – blue skies, soft breeze, twittering birds, rolling hils, and lovely passengers (seniors and artists, males and females) to chat with and pass the time of day with.  We visited Noble Falls, the lovely seaside towns of Jurien and Cervantes (where we had a very delightful lobster lunch), and Moore River (where we all gathered for our group photo.  A lovely day was had by all (including me)!”

Three Day Tour of the Northern Wildflowers

“Last month I got to do a 3 day trip to the northern wildflowers.  By “northern”, I mean up around Dalwallinu in the mid-west of WA.  The rains have been great this year so we were spoilt for choice with wildflowers – everlastings, native cornflowers, wattles, grevilleas, blue leschenaultia, smoke bush, smelly socks (yes, there is such a plant!), and even the elusive wreath flower!  Our seniors group comprised all ladies, except for one man, who didn’t mind being surrounded by women! (If he’d been a spider, he probably would have though).  I made great friends with them all, including a lovely 92 year-old lady who was the life of the party!  She even managed to get the motel manager to dance around the tables with her!

We visited a number of places, including Wannamal, Perenjori, Carnamah, Three Springs, and the Badgingarra National Park.  The flies at Coalseam Conservation Park were very friendly, which was lovely for me, but slightly annoying for the passengers (they did eat their lunch fast)!  We were also spoilt with a visit to the Coomberdale Wildflower Farm and got to buy gifts to take home.

Renata kept us entertained on the way home with a very hard quiz (well, so she thought) but the passengers were a clever bunch and could not be fooled. It was great fun!

The trip was wonderful and came to an end all too soon.  But I know there will be more and I am looking forward to what lies in store for me and this wonderful company that I’m part of.”