Monkey Mia Here We Come!

Monkey Mia Here We Come!

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Monkey Mia is just north of the Shark Bay World Heritage Area – one of the most important natural treasures on Earth. In 1991 it was ranked alongside places such as the Galápagos Islands, the Great Barrier Reef and the Grand Canyon as a site of global environmental significance. Shark Bay has species, scenery and situations that are either unusual or unique on the planet.

Our 6 day tour in April will take us up the coast of WA through the Pinnacles and via the stunning Kalbarri National Park.  The ever-changing landscape of white sand dunes around Lancelin to the pristine blue waters of Shark Bay will simply amaze you and as we arrive into Shark Bay you will be surprised at how the ocean looks like you’ll drop off the earth if you sail out far enough!  It has an uncanny still, flat look about it at times. The shell beach made up of millions of microscopic shells (bright enough to almost blind you) and stromatolites (first life form single celled organisms on earth) are also are quite an experience.  You really have to see them for yourself.

More of our Monkey Mia Tour Highlights:

  • Lobster Shack Tour
  • HMAS Sydney Memorial
  • Lynton Convict Settlement
  • Rainbow Jungle
  • Kalbarri Sunset Cruise
  • Monkey Mia boat cruise
  • Eagles Nest boardwalk
  • Hamelin Bay Telegraph Station

Tour details:
Sun 17 – Fri 22 April (6 days) $1,700 (Seniors $1,680) S/Supp $400.
We are offering 5% discount off the price if you decide to join us.  Call us on 1300 662 026 for booking details and a full itinerary.