The Cost of Travelling in Australia

The Cost of Travelling in Australia

Uluru, Ayers Rock, helicopter over Uluru, cost of travel in AustraliaThink it costs a lot to travel in Australia?

As a small tour company, we are only too aware of the cost of a holiday in Australia.  But when you compare to taking a holiday overseas (apart from Bali), it is well within the means of most people.  Australia is a beautiful country with some of the most amazing scenery in the world which is why we have so many overseas visitors arriving at our shores every day.

The cost of travel in Australia may seem high, but that’s because we have such a vast country with an abundance of open spaces, so travel is not cheap because of distances between each place.  The cost of accommodation can be high too, but just for a moment put yourself in the remote operator’s position. They are only able to operate a number of months a year and have to survive the rest of the year on the money they make over the holiday season, not knowing what the off season will bring.  Most remote operators are station and farm owners trying their hand at tourism to make ends meet, as a lot of them can’t make their properties bring in the vital income they need to run their business, especially if they’ve been affected by drought, flood or fire, which is just some of Mother Nature’s fury. The transport costs of living in remote areas are enormous too.

So next time you’re looking at a tour of remote Australia, don’t think “Oh my, that’s expensive”, just think what your valuable dollar is doing to help the economy of Australia’s outback people. If you look at your tour this way, then you just might agree you are helping an Australian out and feel good about it.  Keep your dollars in Australia.

We at Aussie Redback Tours are aware of the costs associated with transport, motels, parks maintenance, and more, and so we are committed to giving our customers value for money, with more inclusions than most other companies provide.  Our tours really are value-for-money as we want our customers to come first and to feel like it’s about them and not dollars in the bank.