Mt Augustus and Walga Rock – WA’s Not-So-Hidden Gems

Mt Augustus and Walga Rock – WA’s Not-So-Hidden Gems

If you have never visited Mt Augustus or Walga Rock, then you have missed something quite spectacular. These two rocks are situated in the mid-west of Western Australia, and they have their very own significance and awe-inspiring presence.

Mt Augustus lies 353 km north-west of Meekatharra. It rises 715m above the surrounding alluvial plain, and is an inselberg,  which means ‘island mountain’. It is 8 km long, 49 km in circumference, and it is some 1,000 million years old. Mt Augustus is partly covered in vegetation, but there is plenty of rock to be seen too, including great rock formations with a myriad of red and ochre colours that have been created over time. Around the rock you can find rocky creeks, gorges and open plains supporting a variety of vegetation and wildlife.  It’s a peaceful place, where one can enjoy an unspoiled presence, viewing aboriginal art sites, setting off on walk trails, enjoying various lookouts over the surrounding area, and sitting by the gentle Cattle Pool (which is full of water year around).

Walga Rock quietly sleeps amongst the arid landscape 49 km west of Cue. It is five kilometres in diameter, 1.5 kilometres in length, and one of the largest granite monoliths in Australia. It is an easy climb to the top, taking approximately ten minutes, where you are rewarded with spectacular 360 degree views of the surrounding countryside. At ground level and in the shade, you will also see a large gallery of aboriginal art (it is also the location of the unique cave art representation of a European sailing ship)!

Aussie Redback Tours have put together a five-day tour to both of these amazing icons of Western Australia, departing 25 April 2020. The temperature in April is usually between the high 20’s and low 30’s. Perfect weather to visit these locations!

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