Seven Reasons Why You Should Visit The Red Centre

Seven Reasons Why You Should Visit The Red Centre

If you’ve never visited Australia’s “red centre” then you haven’t really seen the most remarkable part of our country. We have put together two tours this year that take you to the red centre – Great Central Road (Perth to Adelaide) 01 to 13 May 2020; and Adelaide to the Red Centre 18 to 27 May 2020 – and here are seven good reasons why you must go:

  1. HUGE rocks! Uluru and Kata Tjuta (also known as Ayers Rock and The Olgas) are two of the most visited icons of Australia. Not just because of their sheer size but also the spiritual presence about them. We can’t think of anyone who has seen these amazing formations and not been mesmerized by them.
  2. Canyons, gaps, gorges and ranges! Kings Canyon, Trephina Gorge, Simpsons Gap, and the MacDonnell Ranges are gloriously picturesque. Your camera won’t stop clicking! Quartzite cliffs, sandy creek beds, red river gums, and waterholes that attract native wildlife are just some of the sights you’ll see.
  3. Relevant history that paved Australia’s future. We visit Giles weather station, named after the famous explorer Ernest Giles;  Alice Springs Telegraph Station, the original site for the first European settlement in central Australia; Coober Pedy, the most multicultural town in Australia famous for its opals; and Woomera, one of the most secret allied establishments in operation during the Cold War. There are numerous other famous places to visit too.
  4. Unique opportunity to travel one of the last great outback unsealed roads. Sometime in the future The Great Central Road will be sealed however the down side of this is that we will lose the authentic dirt road experience. Come with us now before this happens.
  5. Ancient cultural experience. The red centre plays a huge part in Dreamtime stories of the local indigenous tribes, describing the very beginning of time when the land and the people were created by the Spirits. On our tours you will learn how these stories are very significant in Aboriginal culture and life today.
  6. Diverse landscape, flora and fauna. You’ll see barren desert country, deep red earth, rugged quartz mountains, wildlife (camels, emus, kangaroos, dingoes, eagles, kites, hawks and more), stunning blue skies, and wide open vistas. Everything is natural and unspoiled.
  7. Peace and quiet. Ultimately a holiday should be relaxing and you’ll find that on either of these tours you’ll enjoy the quiet of nature, on less travelled roads, native wildlife in its own terrain, and amazing sunsets and starlit nights without the distraction of the usual beeps, pings, and whirrs or everyday life.

And of course there are many more reasons why you should visit this part of Australia, but we’ll let you discover those when you join us.

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