WA’s coral coast spans a vast area just north of Perth. More than 1100 kms of white beaches, outback desert and laid-back coastal towns greet you on this beautiful stretch

The Kimberley is famous for its boab trees, rugged mountain ranges, and long winding rivers. To many though, the Kimberley seems a beautiful yet unreachable Australian destination. The combination of

Starting in Western Australia and finishing in the Northern Territory, the Great Central Road is a picturesque wonder of scenery and wildlife. It takes in some of Australia’s iconic amazing

We at Aussie Redback Tours really do love bringing people together. We take pride in giving our passengers relaxing, fun filled, exciting tours, bringing people together from all over the

You may be wondering what cherries, gnomes and country music have in common. They are all part of Aussie Redback Tours two-day tour in December. The “Manjimup Cherry Festival /

These are words that people often associate with Tasmania, along with “rugged”, “forests”, and “apple isle”. Tasmania, or “Tassie” as it is colloquially named, is a very popular tourist spot

When you hear WA wildflowers, you probably think everlastings, but you know, there are so many other beautiful flowers to see during WA’s spring season. The winter rains have come

Imagine yourself travelling on the iconic Gibb River Road, or walking through the towering Bungle Bungle Range, or even marvelling at the ancient boabs that dot the Kimberley.  If you

What an amazing and interesting “music, opals and silver” tour we’ve just had, visiting parts of South Australia, NSW, and Victoria. The tour focused on the Tamworth Country Music Festival,

It’s just 52 days until the 2017 Tamworth Country Music Festival starts, and we are going to be there for the last four days of the Festival!  The Tamworth Country