Mt Augustus – the Biggest Rock in the World!

Mt Augustus – the Biggest Rock in the World!

When you mention travel to the biggest rock in the world, most people automatically think of Uluru, but the biggest rock is in fact, Mt Augustus, and it’s right here in Western Australia!

Mt Augustus is situated in the middle of the Gascoyne area of WA, and it rises 715 metres out of the surrounding alluvial plain. It is a magnificent sight and the 49 km drive around the rock reveals stunning rocky creeks, gorges, open plains, Aboriginal rock engravings and a whole variety of flora and fauna including white-barked river gums, mulga, gidgee, spinifex pigeons, crimson chats, mulga parrots, babblers, emus, wild turkeys, bungarras and red kangaroos.

It’s quite an underrated destination and yet when you read reviews on Trip Advisor about this place you’ll notice that anyone who has visited the Rock has nothing but glowing reports about it. Words like “beautiful red colours”, “amazing walks”, “well worth the visit”, “loved the remoteness”, “truly something I will never forget” and so on….

Aussie Redback Tours has travelled to Mt Augustus several times and we are never disappointed. The colours are stunning – red earth, bright blue sky, campfires under star-filled skies at night – and the flora and fauna in the area is so unique and beautiful. The silence and remoteness is awe-inspiring.

Aussie Redback Tours will be travelling to Mt Augustus twice this year. The first tour – “Mt Augustus / Kennedy Range” departs on Saturday 04 May and includes a visit to the rugged gorges in Kennedy Range National Park and the amazing Quobba blowholes. The weather in May is absolutely beautiful and is one of the best times to travel to the Gascoyne. Early morning and late afternoon autumn skies make for some of the most amazing photographs. Read more about the tour here: Mt Augustus / Kennedy Range.

The second tour – “Mt Augustus / Karijini” departs on Tuesday 01 October and includes the very popular Karijini National Park with its spectacular gorges, creeks and chasms. This is a spring tour, making it a great time to see wildflowers along the way and back again. With good winter rains, the scenery can be stunning with carpets of flowers in many locations. Read more about the tour here: Mt Augustus / Karijini.

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